how i decorate my k-pop wallet ♡ ft. bts and txt!

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hello!!!! oh my gosh it's been so long since i had to write a video description. i dont even know where to start...

this is my first video on this channel! i'm super excited to start uploading again, as it's literally been years since i last dabbled on creative video editing haha. this video was short and sweet but i hope you enjoyed nonetheless! i still edit pretty much the same as i did with manjooon, altho i made extra effort to make this one pretty haha. i tried my best! seokjin and soobin are my models for this video uwu

it's not as noticeable but there are some very minor glitches in the video. i have no idea how to fix it since it's an export issue.... i have a feeling it's because i used so much overlays, and had to export and put another overlay at least 3x. imovie was made for simple video edits only and im using it in a way it isnt meant to be used hahhaha.... i would love to use premiere but unfortunately it doesnt run on my macbook so i'll have to make do with imovie until i get a new one. i honestly hate it and im p sure it hates me back hence the glitching bahahha

anyway, i hope you're all well! this is the first of many videos, and i can't wait to see where this channel will take me this time around ♡

all the love,


almostblue's shopping site: http://almostblue.international
milkjoy / bentoy: search for them on aliexpress, shopee or lazada

note: almostblue wallets cost over 1k+ PHP. if you find the wallets in shopping sites that are suspiciously cheap, they're most likely replicas! i highly suggest viewing reviews, and observe the review photos. original almostblue wallet's should have a stitching on top, and a tag authenticating that the wallet is original.

milkjoy is a bit,, dubious honestly as you can't trace the website when you google it. i bought mine for around 250 PHP each on shopee. i have no idea how you can compare the replicas to the original tho :(


misc. video info
✄ editor/s: imovie, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator and adobe lightroom
→ background music: "Uniq - Japan" is under a Royalty Free license. Photo of the license: http://bit.ly/2sTETUQ

☺︎ instagram: jinscats


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